Simon Gröger

Simon Gröger studied Theater Studies and Philosophy at Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität Munich. He graduated in 2017 with a study about the theatrical aesthetics of Michel Foucault’s conceptualization of parrhesia. Since 2017 he is a PhD candidate at the MIMESIS International Doctoral Program at LMU Munich with a thesis about the aesthetics and political dynamics of staging past events in the works of theater director Milo Rau and his company, the International Institute of Political Murder.

Veröffentlichungen im Neofelis Verlag
Change Through Repetition
Change Through Repetition Mimesis as a Transformative Principle Between Art and Politics
Art and politics are related through repetition. Both realms are structured by practices of repetition and share a common room of sens(e)uality – aesthetics in the emphatic sense of the word. It is the aesthetics and practices of...
262 Seiten, Softcover – 26,00 €