Elisa Leroy

Elisa Leroy is a freelance dramaturg and scholar working in Munich, Berlin and Paris. She is currently completing her PhD on Text and performance in Shakespeare’s Hamlet at the MIMESIS International Doctoral Program at Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität Munich. Her scholarly interests include Shakespeare and Elizabethan drama / theater practice, acting theory, and the intersection between theater and gender theory. She most recently collaborated with Thomas Ostermeier for La nuit des rois ou Tout ce que vous voulez by William Shakespeare (Comédie Française, 2018) and Qui a tué mon père? by Édouard Louis (FIND Festival, Schaubühne 2020).

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Change Through Repetition
Change Through Repetition Mimesis as a Transformative Principle Between Art and Politics
Art and politics are related through repetition. Both realms are structured by practices of repetition and share a common room of sens(e)uality – aesthetics in the emphatic sense of the word. It is the aesthetics and practices of...
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